Life’s Short Spend it With Loved Ones

We have all been in the dilemma where we want to go to the gym but haven’t spent enough time with our loved ones or friends. Deciding between your health and people you care about places us in a tough situation. Plenty of time most of us would probably say, “ah, life’s too short I am going to hang out with my friends” and I will be the first to admit that I have been there.

This is why many people get personal trainers, it’s not because they don’t know what they are doing in a gym but they actually need to make an appointment to make sure they get to the gym. Unfortunately not everyone can afford a personal trainer to help hold them accountable. Believe me, I wish everyone could afford a personal trainer!  This is where friends and loved ones come into play again. Why not try and spend time with loved ones and friends doing something active? There is a million different things you can do with the people you care about besides going for dinner or a beer, want a few examples? Sure! Golf, tennis, soccer, hockey, walk, jog, baseball, swim, snow shoe, cross country skiing, squash, yoga, football, ultimate Frisbee, dodgeball, basketball, volleyball, and last but certainly not least working out.  Those are few to consider and it is very easy to get involved on recreation sports team of your interest.  Surprise, surprise I want to talk about the last one on that list!

Finding a good workout partner for some people is the deciding factor for them in being successful with their fitness. The key is choosing the right partner. You have to make sure that this person is there to push you and is as dedicated as you to reach both your goals. I feel that accomplishing something with a friend is way more rewarding then doing it on your own. I love the saying: “happiness is only real when shared.”

Participating in group classes is another great way to get fit with your friends in a community setting. They are also much more affordable then personal training .  It is very satisfying to look over at a friend or another class participant after a tough workout knowing that you both made it through. You create a special bond with someone knowing that you just went through an hour of hell together. That is the main reason why I love teaching HIIT classes. It is quite funny as the hour of HIIT goes on I can feel clients dislike me more and more (which is a good thing, it means I am doing my job!) but the bond between clients grows. Then if you don’t show up to the next class you have others asking where you were. Even other classmates hold you accountable!

The fact is there is always going to be things standing in the way of healthy lifestyle. The best thing you can do is your get friends and family involved!

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