Life in the weight pit.

Chris Tse Blitz Conditioning Workout QuoteI’ve been living a life as a bodybuilder in a fully committed way for the past year and a half.  For most people hitting the gym is a practice that is external to their daily lives; it may take 1 hour out of 24 hours or even less. But for people like myself, our lives revolve around the gym.  Like any other athlete that is taking their sport seriously, I’m in the gym twice a day for countless hours during the week.  My life sometimes feels like I’m at the gym, the weight pit, or thinking about the nutrition and the gym all the time.  Everything needs to be in check for this lifestyle to work well: nutrition, mental health, friends, family, business, this list goes on.  This isn’t a normal lifestyle; it is an ultimate devotion to a passion to create art with the human form.  I’m starting to blog again about my journey because I’m hoping to compete in a bodybuilding show in 2014.  About 6 months ago I had to stop my competition prep because of some health concerns but I’ve since been cleared and I’m ready to go!

At the moment, it’s considered “Off season” for bodybuilding but, like most sports, that doesn’t mean that we take the next 6 months off.  If anything the training becomes more rigorous in order to make improvements and push the body a step farther than last year.  I’ve had an amazing coach and nutritionist, Al Shaw, over the past year and gained about 20 lbs of muscle since we first started.  The goal in this off season is to gain an extra 10 lbs on top of all of the previous gains, I’m already 3 pounds up so there’s 7 to go!  To answer the question before it’s asked: yes it’s entirely possible, but it takes discipline and a lot of effort to do it.  To accomplish this goal, life needs to be simplified as much as it possibly can.  In the past year I’ve realized that the journey can be lonely but ultimately it’s the frame of mind that determines whether I looked positively or negatively at what’s going on.

As much as being in the fitness industry provides amazing benefits to the bodybuilding lifestyle, ownership of a growing company that has gone province wide demands a lot of time.  I have big goals for this company and I’m a busy person working a minimum of 10-12 hours a day at accomplishing these goals.  To the entrepreneurs and business people in the crowd: yes you can fit in at least a 1 hour workout a day but you need to want to be healthy as much as you want to succeed in business.  I have worked on my organization and scheduling to create time to train, and time to hang out with friends and family.  Success means nothing unless it’s shared with those closest to you so shutting people out to attain a goal destroys the true desire of the vision of the goal itself.

So the journey is beginning again and I’m happy to share bits and pieces with you every week as I dive into this preparation time!

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I’m a scientist turned owner of Blitz Conditioning, a Fitness Columnist at CBC Radio on Thursdays at 8:20 am, and owner of Tse Social Strategy. Follow me on Twitter or Read my full bio.

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