Let’s SPRING Into Action!

Now that Spring hath sprung who’s ready to kick it up a notch? I SURE AM!

Throughout winter, I trudged through literal and metaphorical snow and had a heck of a time getting motivated.

I was like a bear. I slept, gained weight to survive and I kind of looked like this:


Well now this big sexy bear has woke up from hibernation and it’s time to kick some butt.

Looking for some motivation?

Here are Four Ways to a Fitness-Filled Spring

  1. Set a seasonal goal – Nothing can keep you focused on fitness like setting out something to achieve. My goal for this Spring is to beat my personal 5k best. I start training TODAY and my goal race will be Second Annual Fun Run for Pie. You run a brisk five kilometres and THEY GIVE YOU PIE WHEN YOU FINISH! I. Am. In. With our without the pie, I have a goal in mind and I’m keeping my eyes on the pies… Er, prize.
  2. Schedule workouts – Scheduling your workouts can help in many ways. It commits you to fitness, keeps you accountable and reminds you when you ‘forget’. Just throw it in the old day timer or put it in your phone. Want another tip? Pick a funky colour so it stands out on that flashy touch screen.
  3. Make time for Y-O-U – I am going to make “me” time a priority this Spring and you should make “you” time a priority too. Take an hour-or-two to do something for you.  Need a reminder? Pick a colour and throw it in the calendar with your workouts.
  4. Find a workout buddy – Best part of life is making a bunch of workout buddies that keep me accountable. Join a class or ask a friend to go outside and frolic in the River Valley. Voila! Instant workout buddy. If you have a hard time finding one, you always got a friend in me.

Since last year I’ve been steadily moving forward to a better and healthier me. Sometimes there’s a speed bump or a detour, but I remind myself I’m still moving forward and the destination stays the same. Now that we’re motivated, let’s do this together. Got any tips to share? Leave them in the comment section below!

Fit Nerds for Life!

Steve (@hedgehodge)

P.S. There’s no better way to kick start your heart than to work out for six hours. I will be participating in Bust a Move, a 6 hour fitness challenge that I will tackle with Team Hello Titties to raise valuable funds for breast health across the province. Each and every one of us has committed to stretch, sweat and lunge our way towards ending breast cancer! Please take some time to visit our team page and kick in a few shekels if you can. Every bit counts!

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