Let’s get Down and Dirty!!!

Hot off the heels of our amazing time at Bust A Move we wanted to announce the next event that we’re supporting:

The Down and Dirty Race

Down and Dirty Race 2014

This 5 km obstacle course will challenge you physically while ensuring a mud flinging dirty ol’ time. One of the main reasons why we chose to support this event is because of it’s association with the Alberta Cancer Foundation. We wanted to support a local event that raises funds for Albertans. What other time can you thrash around in mud with your besties and be philanthropic about it?!? NEVER!

So here’s the game plan for the next few months:

  • Our Friday 6:00pm Karma Classes’ proceeds will be donated to both Down and Dirty and our Tijuana Trip (the funds are specifically for purchasing materials for constructing the building)
  • We’ll be posting regular video blogs chatting about how to prepare for the course so you can CRUSH IT on August 17th 2014!!!!

You can also register for the race by clicking here.

Let’s get duuurttaaayyy!

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