Lets Get BLITZFIT (and sweaty) this November!

We are beyond excited to announce that we are going to be hosting our first ever 30-day Challenge at Blitz Conditioning!

What a better way to kick off the winter than to commit to getting sweaty with us for the next month! What’s in it for you? A chance at a free Month of Unlimited HIIT classes!!!

How does it work?

You must sweat at Blitz Edmonton at least 4 times a week! Those sweat sessions must be an hour long and Personal Training sessions count.
Once you have completed your sweat session you will mark it off on our participant board that will be located at the studio.
Complete 4 sessions/week over the month of November and we will award you 1 month free HIIT classes the next month.

When can you get sweaty?

Any of our HIIT classes of course! We offer them 6 days a week so there is no excuses here team! If you are doing personal training already then you can count those sessions and participate in a couple extra HIIT classes as well.


Monday: 6am, 6pm and 7pm
Tuesday: 6am and 7pm
Wednesday: 6am, and 6pm
Thursday: 6am and 7pm
Friday: 6am
Saturday: 11am

When can you sign up?

NOW! We will be taking sign-ups until next Friday Nov 1! The challenge will start on the 1st! This challenge is all about you! Get out there and sweat as often as you can, its getting cold and we are going to heat it up and stay fit and healthy while doing it. What are you waiting for? Let’s do this!! skater

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