Let’s Get BLITZFIT ROUND 2- Our January 30 Day Challenge!

Back by popular demand- the BLITZFIT 30 Day Challenge, coming to Blitz Conditioning Edmonton this January!!

DSC_0337-1What an amazing month November was! We had 30 people registered in the challenge and a wopping 16 completed it and are still getting their sweat on this December. Everyone that entered the competition came out of it a little stronger, a little healthier and a lot sweatier! We are so proud of all of our community members and we had so many demands for another challenge that we are going for it.

Lets kick off 2014 with a BANG! This 30 Day Challenge is going to be better than ever! Based on feedback from our November Challenge we have decided to take January to the next level, providing an opportunity for you to track your progress and set goals to work towards during the month to help you get the most out of your time!

What’s new for January?
– Measurements and Goal Setting with a Blitz Trainer!- At the beginning of the Challenge we will be doing measurements for each person registered as well as a goal setting session. We will follow up with everyone at the end of the month to check in on how you progressed!!
– An exclusive ‘Finisher’ T-shirt for those of you that successfully complete the challenge.
– A Cap. We are capping the challenge at 35 participants. First come first serve!
– The Challenge will start Saturday January 4th and go to Saturday February 1st.
– The cost of the challenge- Unlimited classes, measurements, goal setting, finishers t-shirt is $190.00
The rest of the DEETS:
– You must sweat at Blitz Edmonton at least 4 times a week! Those sweat sessions must be an hour long and Personal Training sessions count.
– Once you have completed your sweat session you will mark it off on our participant board that will be located at the studio.
– Complete 4 sessions/week over the month of November and we will award you 1 month free HIIT classes the next month.

When can you get sweaty?
– Any of our HIIT classes of course! Yoga counts as well! We offer them 6 days a week so there is no excuses here team! If you are doing personal training already then you can count those sessions and participate in a couple extra HIIT classes as well.

Monday: 6am, 6pm and 7pm
Tuesday: 6am and 7pm
Wednesday: Yoga at 5:30-7:00pm HIIT at 6am and 7pm
Thursday: 6am and 7pm
Friday: 6am
DSC_3395Saturday: 11am


This challenge is all about you! Get out there and sweat as often as you can, its getting cold and we are going to heat it up and stay fit and healthy while doing it. What are you waiting for? Let’s Kick 2014 in the face!

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