Lace Up! Buck Up! Don’t get stuck in a moment!- 1 month to Ironman Canada

seanings-sean-williams-seanwilliams-edmonton-yeg-photography-photographer-fitness-sports-logo-alberta-canada-19I would like to begin this blog with AHHHHHH!!!!

Okay now that is out of the way. I am officially a month away from Ironman Canada. It has been a crazy wild ride the past 29 weeks. Its crazy to look at the desktop on my computer and see ‘Week 33’ and remember what it felt like to be setting out those 33 weeks of training and thinking to myself how crazy it was going to feel when I was in single digits, not to mention 1 week away from tapering.

Last week was a big training week and it was a tough mental battle for most of it. Looking back now it makes sense- Ive been through 29 weeks of this already, a part of me is ready to just get this race done! And a part of me feels like I still have so much to do. I pushed hard during the week, my biggest day being Thursday with a 30km run, 2km swim and finished off with a HIIT class- 5 hours total for the day. The HIIT class may have been one training session too many that day- I was extremely sore and wiped out on Friday and that lasted into Saturday morning and afternoon, I cancelled a pending bike ride nervous of my groin being pulled, thankfully it wasn’t. Saturday evening was my brother’s birthday party extravaganza and I managed to hold on tight to my water bottle all night with plans for a long training day on Sunday. Sunday I woke up feeling a bit under the weather, my stomach not quite cooperating. Regardless I had plans to train and so Jason and I headed out to Hubbles lake for me to take on a solid 4km open water swim. I wiggled into my wetsuit pulled out my swim cap only to realize my goggles were not in their usual place. I was frustrated and annoyed and regardless of Jay’s suggestion to head into town to purchase a new pair at Canadian Tire, I found myself just completely over it.

Through all of my training the past 29 weeks the one thing I can count on is that this guy is always there, always supporting and always pushing me to be the best person and athlete I can be. Flaws, breakdowns, triumphs and all.

Through all of my training the past 29 weeks the one thing I can count on is that this guy is always there, always supporting and always pushing me to be the best person and athlete I can be. Flaws, breakdowns, triumphs and all.

I let my emotions get the better of me and I just wanted to throw in the towel. It was one more mental battle and it was a mental battle that won. I was disappointed and upset with myself and had the worst feeling in the pit of my stomach. Jason chatted with me the whole way home, trying to push me to pull myself out of my own head and I just kept falling back in. In the moment, I didn’t hear what he was saying. I was so focused and upset that he was seeing me having this moment of ‘weakness’- Its one of those moments as an athlete that you never really want anyone to see. As the evening progressed I allowed myself to think on some of his comments and I knew he was right. It wasn’t about the goggles, I let myself get stuck in the moment and I let the embarrassment and frustration take hold.

After dinner going over my final month training plan, I read the recommendation for the month that even though it was a big week of training, I should remember to listen to my body and not push a session if it didn’t feel right and not to try and reschedule them. Turns out- 29 weeks is a lot of training and the fact is, I have been training and I will still be training these next 4 weeks. Everything that came before this past month has been prepping me for what lies ahead at the end of this 4 weeks. Its okay to be tired and not be up for a session, its not going to make or break me at this point. What is important is to not get down on myself and be self-deprecating for having a bad day- In training and in life its important not to get stuck in the moment. And yes I am hearing that ever so inspiring U2 song as I write this. Take a listen here
So as these last 4 weeks come and go, I will keep my head up and trust that I will have tough days, but the important thing is to not let them define me because the other thing I can trust is that there will be great days. Chances are there will be more great than tough and the quicker you push through the tough moments, the quicker you can enjoy the great moments.

Total Training Hours Last Week: 20 hours.
Favorite workout of the week: I had a great 20km run on Wednesday, it was a beautiful day and Edmonton’s river valley was looking and feeling amazing- I finished it off motoring up Victoria Park hill passing everyone on it- feeling strong!
Toughest workout of the week: HIIT on Thursday night. My body was tired and its been a while since I have done heavy resistance training. (It was tough but also one of my most fun workouts- especially finishing off with Jump squat toe touches to ‘Roxanne- The Police’ Thanks for that Brett)
Biggest learning: I have to learn not to let myself get stuck in the moment with training, no one expects me to be perfect. Regardless of the pressure I put on myself. Side note: I feel like this will take more than just a week to figure out 😉
Things I’m looking forward to this week: I’ve booked some training dates with friends and other athletes- I’m looking forward to the company and the opportunity to push myself with people that are stronger than myself.

Swim: 1hour and 20minutes
Transition: no more than 10minutes
Bike: 6hours
Transition: no more than 10 minutes
Run: 4hours and 15 minutes.

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  1. Elombe Ngale says:

    AMY We are by you from Save the Children alliance Orphanage Limbe Cameroon , we love you and belief in the giant in you . You are a real champion ….Go Amy , Go Amy… The harder the Battle ,the Sweeter the Victory…
    Elombe Ngale

  2. Melissa Bourgeois says:

    Go Amy Go! Your goal is now directly right in front of you and I have no doubts that you will not only achieve it, but that you will NAIL IT. 🙂

    • Amy Coppens Amy Coppens says:

      Thanks so much Mel! I appreciate the support so much! Can’t wait to come back and tell you ladies all about it!

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