Kyla’s 30 Day Challenge while on Vacation: Week 3!

Kyla Jill and Victor

Well my friends, I have to admit: In comparison to weeks 1 & 2, this week has been a tad lackluster. We spent a few days in the same spot which was super nice. Did another beach workout which included a 3 km bike ride warm up and cool down to get to/from the beach. The other 3 workouts for the week were completed in our air conditioned room. My motivation was lacking a bit this week and motivating myself to get to the beach to do a workout presented itself as a daunting task. So I chose the path of least resistance and complete the workouts in my room. I do have to throw a mad shout out to my friend Jill who completed the workouts even with some wicked looking bug bites on her leg that were a bit tormenting for her.

Kyla Jill and Victor FlexSo that’s it for week 3. No pointing; no laughing; we weren’t filmed; no random workout locations. Pretty boring. But hey, oh wait – there is one more thing…WE GOT A NEW FRIEND TO DO A HIIT WORKOUT WITH US. Goal. accomplished. We’ve been travelling with Victor for a few days and after a bit of prodding he agreed to try out a HIIT session. He’s a pretty fit and active guy to begin with so he was quite skeptical of how much our workout would challenge him. We started the workout with ‘Roxanne’ (which he raved about afterwards) in lieu of 3 round of squats and then completed the rest of Amy’s workout. His final words once all was said and done: ‘that was the hardest workout I’ve ever done in my life’. And he can’t wait to do ‘Roxanne’ again. #blitzfit

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