Kettlebells on CTV Morning Live

As some of you guys may have seen we were on CTV Morning Live today! We took Craig through a quick kettlebell circuit demonstrating 4 basic kettlebell exercises. Kettlebells have been around for about 350 years and in 1948 kettlebell lifting became the Soviet Union’s National Sport. Clearly something that has been around for that long must have some pretty big benefits!

The 4 exercises we did with Craig were:

Kettlebell Swing: During a swing you want generate all your power through your hips. The kettlebell is going to hang between your legs with you holding onto it with both hands. You are then going to do a half squat and push through your hips, engaging your core and gluts. The kettlebell should end up at about chin height and perform the motion again. The key when performing a kettlebell swing is let the kettlebell take its course. Your arms should not do much work at all!


Kettlebell Swing Position 1

Kettlebell Swing Position 2










Kettlebell Thruster Position 1                  Kettlebell Thruster Position 2










Kettlebell Thruster:  Start with the “bell” end of the kettlebell flipped up and hold it tight to your chest. You are going to perform a squat (weight through your heels and push your bum back) and as you come up from the squat you are going to press the kettlebell right above your head. Make sure derive most of your power through your legs. Here you will engage your gluts, core, and deltoids.

Kettlebell Figure 8 Position One                              Kettlebell Figure 8 Position 2










Firgure 8: Holding the squat position you are going to pass the kettlebell through your legs in a figure 8 motion.  Your knees should be bent at about 90 degrees and you want butt pushed back and your chest to remain high. You should start to feel the burn through your quads.

Kettlebell Burpee Position 1 Kettlebell Burpee Position 2










Kettlebell Burpee Position 3Kettlebell Burpee Position 4











Kettlebell Burpee:  Start with the kettlebell between your legs and fall forward to perform a push-up. Jump and land with both feet flat on the ground, pick the kettlebell up and perform a press with the kettlebell. This is a full body exercise that will get your heart rate pumping!

















Try this circuit in a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) style circuit. 30 seconds of work with 15 rest repeated 4 times through or if you are a little more advanced, 45 seconds on with 15 rest 5 times through. Give it a go and let us know what you think!!!


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