How To Do: Kettlebell Clean (Video)

This is a great basic move to learn for kettlebells. From the clean you can get into a lot of different moves, so it really is a good basic move to know. Be sure to master this one with a good squat, a nice straight back, and without bashing your forearm with the kettlebell. Here is the step-by-step of how to do it:

  1. Start light until you get the technique down!
  2. Start with the kettlebell between your feet
  3. Squat down and grab the kettlebell with one hand
  4. Explode up making sure to shoot through the hips
  5. Focus on squeezing the glutes all the way up!
  6. Pull the kettle high, and towards your chest, lead with the elbow
  7. When your about chest height turn your wrist so the kettlebell sit on the back of your forearm
  8. Bring the elbow down, and tight to your side
  9. Finish standing up, kettlebell in front of your chest, and elbow tight to your side
  10. reverse order back down to the ground
  11. Repeat other arm



If you have any questions on how to do this, or if you want me to cover an exercise let me know down below!

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