How To Do: Kettlebell Clean and Press

This is a great move to help build both endurance, and power. Since there is a double squat motion, both used to help make the move faster, and easier it is very taxing on the whole body. Make sure you have the kettlebell clean down first, because you want this whole move to be quick. You will not get the benefits of this exercise if you do it slowly.Here is how you do it:

  1. Start with the kettlebell between your feet
  2. Perform a clean
  3. At the top of the clean squat back down
  4. Try to make it one fluid motion
  5. Explode back up, and press the kettlebell up
  6. Be sure to use your legs to help
  7. Once your arm is straight above your head you’re done
  8. Return to start and repeat same hand, or switch

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