Keep the Fire Burning

Motivation is defined as: general desire or willingness of someone to do something.

That seems pretty straight forward to me. If you want something bad enough there really shouldn’t be anything that stands in way. I guess it is easier said than done.

People lose motivation on a daily basis but the key is to not lose sight of your end goal whatever it may be. Keep pushing. If you feel like you didn’t have a great workout today make sure your nutrition is fantastic. It is all about balance and moving forward.

There is going to be times when your goal seems so far away. The key is to celebrate the small successes along the way.  This should keep your goal in sight and help you not lose focus.

We all have up and down days where motivation is lacking but as long as you are making tiny steps forward you are inching yourself closer to your goal. That’s a pretty amazing thing in itself, be proud of that. Every day you are getting yourself closer to person you want to be, if that doesn’t keep the fire burning inside I don’t know what will.


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