Just keep spinning those legs!- 5 Weeks to Ironman Canada

Great week of training in Calgary last week! I lucked out with some amazing weather and felt really good all week as well! Picking up the hours for sure, but I can’t help but feel good about pushing the envelope the next couple weeks to prepare. With just over a month to go I’m feeling focused, nervous and excited.  The bike is definitely the one area that I was keen to focus on this past weekend and I did!

scott and iI had a great ride on Saturday with a new friend in Calgary, Scott! We headed out towards Cochrane to tackle the famous Cochrane hill! I was nervous to bike with Scott knowing that he is an experienced cyclist, but I was also excited to be pushed. My day was full of learnings. Our route out of the city was all uphill, exactly what I need to focus on! My legs were feeling a bit jelly heading out of town. I also experienced some serious winds coming down a hill that almost pulled me right to the center line of the road, thank goodness it wasn’t a busy road! Definitely a good thing to experience pre-race day as well! Another learning- what NOT to take on my bike as nutrition- It was a hot day and I attempted using coconut water as my hydration- NOTE: hot coconut water is gross! BUT that is why you practice nutrition before race day. After a stop in Cochrane for some Gatorade I felt refreshed as we headed up the hill. That refreshed feeling did not last long. It was easily the longest hill I have ever done, and while I feel that I usually dominate hills I was put to shame by Scott as he powered up ahead of me. I had to stop watching him climb because I was starting to get discouraged as I powered up one pedal stroke at a time, I put my head down and just focused on my pedal strokes one at a time. Once at the top of the hill I was off once again! That was easily the best part of the hill, the fact that I didn’t totally bonk at the top! As we headed back in to town I felt strong, the legs were a bit tired by the end of the 85km but still fresh enough to keep going. Final learning was not mine but Scott’s – Make sure to wear sunscreen!!Scott burn

Overall a great training week, finished off with a strong weekend. Focus for the next 5 weeks is to keep training a priority, as well as my nutrition and rest!

Total Training Hours Last Week: 17 hours

Favorite workout of the week: Checking out the Cochrane hill!

Toughest workout of the week: Swimming 3km in a 25m pool! So many turn-arounds!

Biggest learning: Coconut water is not a good race day choice.

Things I’m looking forward to this week: Putting on some serious training hours.


Swim: 1hour and 20minutes

Transition: no more than 10minutes

Bike: 6hours

Transition: no more than 10 minutes

Run: 4hours and 15 minutes.


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