Jen’s Game Plan

So in our first blog Rob and I laid out our goals for 2015 and while it what we are committed to, without a game plan and actions attached to those statements, we risk them remaining simply statements of intent.

The following is my game plan:

Goal #1: participate in a variety of activities to build strength, definition and endurance

I think this goal is probably a bit of a cop out in that I have committed to doing this for the last 10 years. I guess I should have probably said that I will maintain my commitment to participating in a variety of activities.

Action Plan: The most successful way for me to accomplish this goal is to treat my fitness activities the same way I treat all of my commitments, I schedule them. I put them into my calendar the same way I input work meetings, social engagements. This works for me because I am less likely to put it off for another time when I purposefully set time for it. When it isn’t scheduled, it is really easy to put it off and use the excuse that there isn’t enough time.

I also try to coordinate my fitness activities and social activities. This adds accountability as well.

Goal #2: appreciate my body for its strength and endurance, and for what it allows me to accomplish daily

This is a mental/self talk goal for me…it will probably be my most challenging goal. As I think we all are, I am probably my toughest critic. This year my challenge is to listen to my body, appreciate its strength and leave the data behind (for the most part). By data I mean primarily the scale (…my Garmin watch is a close second). I knew it was time to shift my mindset when I went to step on the scale this fall and found this note instead:

Scale nice tryI think Rob (in cahoots with my trainer aka Chris) was gently sending me a message that it was time to stop fixating on the scale number. You see, I get myself all in a fluster, quickly spiralling when I see that number. And while the logical me knows that I can fluctuate 5-7 pounds within a week, that I’m building muscle, that I am eating healthy…the emotional me say “Holy F*$&” and beware around this house when it goes up 7!

Action Plan: I put the scale away until I can resist the temptation to step on it every morning. I think Rob may even have to still hide it for the first little bit until my self control builds up. I also need to change my measurements of success. I need to focus on what my body is able to accomplish: what weight am I able to use consistently in HIIT, what my average WATTS are in spin, what my body feels like during and after a long run. Now I know I’ve listed some data there…but I think it is more useful data then scale data…baby steps right 😉

Goal #3: complete a second marathon & better my 2008 time of 3:59:11

I kind of fell out of love with running this fall. Tieing closely with the reasons for goal number 2 I was getting really frustrated with running. I had a great spring, ran my fastest half marathon, completed the Blackfoot 50km under my goal time, ran my fastest 10k in Singapore this summer but struggled this fall. I had a tough race at the Northface Endurance Marathon Relay in Wisconsin and struggled on my leg of the Grizzly Ultra Relay in Canmore. Granted I didn’t train for either of those run as I should have…I think I have beaten myself up for not hitting predetermined paces and have felt defeated when I haven’t hit my intended times. Like the scale, I have allowed data to impact how I feel about running. Instead of just enjoying the run, being outside and using it as the stress reliever it once was, running has become a self-induced pressure stressor. So, how will setting a time goal marathon help with this? Hmmmm…doesn’t make much sense does it. I just need to get back out…get out and run, remind myself of simply enjoying that time. In the fall I wasn’t running regularly, maybe once a week, I was relying on my fitness level to get me through those races. No wonder I struggled! Choosing the marathon distance, not a half that I can probably still tough out, forces me to get out and run, to train, to dedicate to getting back on the pavement.

Action Plan: SimpleRun…with scheduled training runs just like in goal #1

So that’s it…that’s my plan. That’s a lot of explanation for what simply boils down to…

Filling in my calendar and stepping off the scale!


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