Jenna: our Fitness Inspiration of the Month!


At Blitz, we are constantly talking about our clients and their fitness goals outside of our gym. There’s nothing wrong with goals of weight loss or toned muscle, but it brings extra joy to hear about clients with greater intentions beyond body changes. The clients who want to beat their record of running 10K, hike the Grand Canyon, and become a better skier in Whistler – they’re here to change their lifestyle, signifying everything we represent at Blitz Conditioning.

Jenna has a petite frame, but I could tell she had some fight in her. As a long time competitive dancer, she takes a great deal of pride in everything she does. This was the first time she’d ever stepped foot inside a gym, so we used the initial session to go through basic fitness movements. Jenna found some of the basic gym moves extremely difficult; techniques for simple moves like squats, went against everything she was taught as a dancer. But only 2 months later, I’ve already seen some amazing changes. Since she started at Blitz, she’s become much stronger, her endurance has increased immensely, and she’s improved her technique. 

Only a few months after her initial workout, Jenna has decided to embark on another great challenge. She’s decided to take part in the 2 day, 190KM, Multiple Sclerosis Bike Tour to end MS – a cause very important to Jenna, since her sister suffers from the MS disease. 

Jenna has successfully jumped back into fitness, continues to challenge herself; she is someone who makes our job at Blitz Conditioning so rewarding. I greatly appreciate Jenna as a client, and as an inspiration.

Great job!!

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