Introducing the Bek-Ference Duo


The Bek-Ference's

Meet Us – Rob Bekius And Jen Ference

You may have seen us around Blitz, training with Chris or sweating it out in HIIT classes – Rob’s the sarcastic bald guy and Jen’s the one probably pushing November Project. We are looking forward to sharing our fitness journeys with you over the next 6 months.

Our individual fitness journeys is actually what brought the two of us together. We met about 5 years ago as a result of us both taking early morning spin and fitness classes at Millenium Place in Sherwood Park. Rumour has it that one of us may have continued to register in hopes that the other would ride beside them.

Before we became a “couple” we were a part of a small early-morning fitness community that formed naturally as a result of us all being at the same place at the same time. In addition to the common classes we were taking, a group of about 8 of us often met to do our own circuit workouts. Outside of the gym, some of us also rode together as an MS Bike ride team and ran together as a Sinister 7 team.

This fitness community and a timely parking lot hit-and-run (you can ask Jen about the hit-and-run) is what eventually transitioned us from friendship to couplehood almost 2 years ago, with us making it official with our marriage this summer. While our fitness journeys have grown and evolved since our early mornings at Millenium Place we still sweat together and continue to challenge one another.

Here’s a little about us – as described by each other

Meet my husband Rob:

Rob is a loving husband and an amazing dad to Robby. His BEKBOYZ license plate is symbolic of the bond between him and Robby. It was just the two of them for 15 years before I came around. I’m pretty lucky that they were willing to share one another and let a girl into their boy’s den.

When people ask me what my husband does for a living I say that Rob’s a big rig trailer salesman. He’d probably more eloquently say that he works in the transportation industry as the Western Canadian sales manager for semi trailer distributor. It’s pretty much the same right?

For as long as I’ve known Rob he’s been active; going to the gym, lifting weights and participating in registered group fitness class. He has committed to riding in the Leduc-Camrose MS Bike Ride for the last 4 years, a special event for him as Rob’s mom has MS. Rob would probably consider himself a fair weather casual runner, entering in various 10k and trail runs. Rob has also recently been reunited with his men’s Sunday hockey team.

While having participated in spin classes, Orange Theory, Moksha yoga (I think only because I was meeting him there) I think Rob most enjoys his personal training sessions with Chris and his Sunday men’s hockey games.

Meet my wife Jen:

Having been a single dad for many years, it was a godsend to meet a woman like Jen to complete our family. She is a great wife and a wonderful mom. Jen is a teacher by trade and at heart. I am witness to her “teaching” moments at home which are apparently suggested as part of my “continual improvement program”.

As was mentioned, we met at the gym through many of the same fitness activities. I may have skewed my classes to get closer to her as was suggested. (but it worked!) Jen was, and continues to set the high benchmark in all our activities. An accomplished runner, swimmer, cyclist, and general athlete extraordinaire Jen seems to have boundless energy and is always striving to improve. She is a very positive driver in our fitness journey together.

Our Fitness Goals for 2015 (successes & challenges to be shared in our future blogs)

In 2015 I will…

  • participate in a variety of activities to build strength, definition and endurance
  • appreciate my body for its strength and endurance, and for what it allows me to accomplish daily (this will require great control of my self-talk and Rob’s patience)
  • complete a second marathon & better my 2008 time of 3:59:11

In 2015 I will…

  • pack on some extra muscle
  • trim down enough to fit into my 32” waist “sexy” jeans
  • break 50min 10k
  • come up with new and clever ways to mock Chris Tse about his height

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