Inspiration: The Matt Cook Story

I was fortunate enough to know this man for most of my life. I grew up being great friends with his older brother, and we always hit the outdoor rink or played street hockey together. His entire family has this warm, welcoming feeling to them; the phrase “Mi Casa, Su Casa” truly applied in their home.

Matt Cook was 19 years old when he was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma – the same, rare type of cancer that took Terry Fox’ life. Everyone who grew up with the Cook brothers knew they were tough, but Matt took it to another level. Despite the long battle he had with cancer, he remained positive about the situation. Even after losing his leg to the disease, Matt never slowed down and he himself a goal of playing on the Team Canada Men’s sledge hockey team.

With extreme dedication and hard work, Matt made the team! He started training for the 2010 Paralympics Games in Vancouver, but his health took an unfortunate turn for the worse. It was a terribly sad moment to lose a friend and role model, but everyone celebrated Matt’s amazing life.

Matt Cook is a true inspiration to me, and I look up to him on a daily basis. I could be in the middle of a brutal workout or having a rough day, but I’ll be thinking of Matt and how hard he fought against the odds. His journey motivates me to be a better person in the gym, and in my everyday life.  Thank you Matt, for teaching me so much!

To understand Matt better, and learn more about his amazing outlook on life – please click the YouTube link above and watch the video!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What a warrior. A true inspiration.

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