I Love…

I love watching you struggle and I love hearing you say “no more”,

I love seeing you tire and hearing you claim “I can’t”.

I really love watching your struggles become your strengths and hearing you request “give me more”,

I really love watching you get up after a fall and hearing you protest “I can!”

I’m sure that plenty of personal trainers can support this same feeling. More than anything else, working out is about the mental attitude. Within every single client we have, their is the capability to do what we request of them, but it all comes down to their attitude and mental strength when performance and results are desired.

Always keep your dreams and goals in mind when you’re working out; remember why you’re putting in the hard work! It might hurt for a little bit, but the pain will be worth the gain – if you keep it up, you’ll see soon enough!

Brett Kirkland About Brett Kirkland

A hockey player myself, I have a passion for training hockey players and athletes so that they can achieve their goals. Read my full bio and follow me on Twitter

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