More to Hypertrophy Than Just Size

Hypertrophy is not just for people looking to get muscle gains, and look like a body builder. It is also a good thing to help build up the muscle around an injured site (rehab), or help correct muscle muscle imbalances (pre-rehab). Hypertrophy can also help in getting over a plateau, and help with some strength gain. Well doing hypertrophy you will feel that muscle burning, and work up a good sweat. Here is how to organize your hypertrophy routine:

  • Order: You can go from large to small muscle groups, or small the large muscle groups
  • # of Exercises: 6-9
  • Reps: 8-12
  • Sets: 3-8
  • Load: 65-85% of 1RM
  • Rest: 30-90 seconds (beginner 60-120 seconds)
  • Frequency: 3-6 times per week
  • Duration: 4-10 weeks

When choosing exercises remember that they do not need to be mutli-joint movements. Depending on your time restrictions of how many sessions you can fit into your week try sticking with one area of the body per work out (i.e legs, chest, back) if you care able to dedicate this time, or if you can not stick to a full body workout. By the last set your muscles should feel very exhausted, and each set should almost feel like you can not do any more. These are the basics in hypertrophy, try it out and have fun!

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