Are you HUNGRY?

Leigh Chmilar Deadlift GoalsWorking out the other day, I felt like I was a little de-motivated. I was kind of puttering around, doing a few lifts here, and few sets there, not really doing anything overly planned. I was trying to figure out what was wrong, and why is it so hard for me to push myself to do a strength workout when I’m able to push other people all day doing them?

I started thinking about the accomplishments in my life, and why I was able to strive hard for them. It was always because there was something tangible at the end that I was reaching for – and my desire for it was so great that I was MOTIVATED to do anything to get there.

I see this when I train athletes. They are (usually) incredibly motivated to make a team, and then to win with that team. They continue to train hard, and they do what you say, because when they get on the court, ice or field they see the difference that the training makes in their ability to compete. They are faster, stronger, and their teammates and opponents can actually see the difference.

So I thought about it more, and realized I had a few things wrong lately, which led to this “exercise limbo” I will call it:

1. For the first time in my life I haven’t set myself a fitness goal. Sure, I have little goals. Do 7 strict pull-ups. Cool – I’ve been working on that, but it isn’t a BIG goal. Practice yoga handstands. Meh. It’s not like the desire people get when they sign up for a fitness or bodybuilding competition and realize quickly that they have a LOT of work to put in to get there. And they do it – because they WANT to feel and look good when they are on stage. Get stronger. That’s not specific enough!

2. The other thing I realized is that MOST people (including me!), need someone else to push them. They want something, and they might even know how to get there, but I am motivated by pleasing others, and having a trainer or coach keep me accountable and have me try to please them is huge. I remember always looking up to my basketball coach, and I never wanted to let him down.

It’s not that I’m not working out, and out of shape. Quite the opposite. My life has become fitness, so I do 1-2 workouts per day for 6 days. I teach 5 fitness classes per week (3 of which I have to actively lead). Then I do my strength training to stay strong (or ideally, become stronger). AND I do a little endurance training so I can get a good balance – plus I LOVE running so I need to fit that in. Then there’s yoga. I love yoga, and I try to only do restorative because I work out enough, but all the fun classes are HOT strength based classes. Sigh. So my goal isn’t to get or stay healthy – I’ve got that one covered. My goal needs to be something that I think about daily and get excited about seeing myself doing it.

So as I figure out what my next BIG goal is – I want you to think about whether you’ve got goals and desires in your life.

What you are working out for? Is it enough, to keep you coming back? Is it enough to allow you to make a lifestyle shift for the better? Do you have 30 lbs to lose and you are done looking at yourself and wishing you could feel good in your skin? Is your desire for your goal great enough that you will be willing to sacrifice the things right now that are holding you back?

Are you hungry enough? If so, you will succeed.

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