How To Get Up After You Fall Down

Returning home after a 16 day vacation/getting married/all-inclusive with 60 of my best friends/time of my life has been hard. Not only has it been hard to get back to into the fitness side of things but also making/planning meals and overall getting back into that healthy lifestyle that we lived before. I say we because I am married now and have been informed that it should always be “we” (not by my amazing wife but by others haha). Basically I am writing this blog to let you know that yes, even personal trainers can fall into a healthy lifestyle funk.

I don’t have a simple to solution to help you get you out of that funk other than just buckle down and do it. That’s it. I can also promise you that every day you take off it will be that much harder when you start up again. I completely understand how hard it must be for people who haven’t worked out for a year or 5 or their entire lives to get into a fitness regime. I get it, it is tough but don’t try and move a mountain. Start slow. I still believe the frequency is key. If you are going to work out for 90 minutes a week spread it out over 5 days not one. Each week add one minute to each workout, walk, jog whatever it is you plan on doing.  If you only workout once a week you are going to wake up in the morning of that day and dread it. I can guarantee you that the more frequently you work out the quicker your hate for it will fade and the faster your love for it will grow.

There is one thing that I wish I could give absolutely everyone in this world a taste of and that is the post-workout “high”. For those of you who work out you know exactly what I am talking about it. It is that feeling that completely revs your body for the following 3 or 4 hours after a great work out. You think clearer, you have more confidence. Go experience it!

The bottom line is you can’t sugar coat hard work. It pays off. You will be happier and healthier in the long run. So whether you have taken 5 days of from the gym or 50 years get up today and go do something. I would love to hear about it in the comment section. I promise you will feel better for it.

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  1. Bah!! Brett!! I’ve been avoiding the gym for 3 weeks…I’ve squeezed in a few Moksha sessions but I can’t seem to get my butt back to the gym after the conclusion of the personal training sessions I had with my trainer.
    Your post has made me realize that I need to just DO IT because I keep saying “tomorrow, tomorrow”…and yet…here I am…Today…not doing it. LOL
    Thanks for humbling yourself down to the level of the people who look up to you for motivation! Great post!!

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