How Blitz Conditioning Helped Me Become A Fire Fighter

The first time I stepped into a class at Blitz Conditioning  personal trainer, Chris Tse, put a waist height box jump in front of me and said “ok, 45 seconds of box jumps….GO!”. The first words that came out of my mouth were “I can’t do this”. 3 months later, Chris put that same box jump in front of me and my first thought was “it needs to be higher”.

I decided to start at Blitz about 4 months before I was scheduled to start as a fire recruit with the fire department. I had heard stories about how intense the 3 months of fire department training was and realized I needed to take my fitness to a whole new level.

Prior to Blitz, I was on my own workout schedule. I was on a program that focused on building strength and then I added in my own cardio with some running on the side. I would say that, at the time, I thought I was in great shape. There were two problems with my routine at the time. One was that if I did heavy lifting one day, I wouldn’t feel like doing cardio or vice versa. The second was that training by myself meant I had no one to hold me accountable. After a day of work, I f I didn’t quite feel up to a workout, it was really easy to just jump on the couch and watch TV.

This is why I decided to join Blitz. A friend of mine Paul Letourneau, was seeing some great successes with the 7am team workouts and convinced me to come try them out. I won’t say I was hooked after the first session because waking up at 6am to go to the gym wasn’t exactly my idea of fun at the time. I started out going to about two classes a week and on a good week I would make it to three. By the time I started fire recruit training in August, I was at Blitz 5 days a week and was hooked.

There are several reasons why I love Blitz and their 7am HIIT style workouts.

  1. Working out first thing in the morning was the best decision I ever made. It sucks waking up, but once you get there and finish your session, nothing feels better than getting your training out of the way that early.
  2. Working out in a team atmosphere was the change I needed to take me to the next level. Having friends holding me accountable was what got me out of bed every morning knowing that I would hear about it if I chose to sleep in. Working out in teams also forces you to push through every set and workout rather than taking that last 10 seconds off or leaving the gym after 30 minutes.
  3. Blitz Conditioning’s HIIT style workouts combine cardio, core, muscular strength and flexibility all in one workout. Rather than having to lift weights, then do 15 minutes of core and another 20 minutes of cardio, HIIT training covers all those bases in one session. I noticed a huge difference in my core strength, cardio and flexibility while still maintaining the strength I had built up from my previous routine.
  4. The people!! After one session at Blitz you will certainly notice one thing. These people are passionate about what they do and they love coming to work every day to help you meet your goals. That alone makes a huge difference.

I am now 24 days into fire recruit training and can honestly say that Blitz prepared me for the grind that it has been. The HIIT style classes at Blitz are very similar to the physical training we do every day in recruit class and the core strength, flexibility, strength and cardiovascular gains I made at Blitz are benefiting me every day.

~ Travis Watt

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