Hockey Summer Strength and Conditioning

cross overs lateral jump

This is your year.

Our off-season hockey training focuses on strength, speed, agility and power. By utilizing the same movement patterns and muscle groups you would during a game we will improve your muscle memory and enhance your conditioning.

Our hockey specific training program will make sure that you enter into the 2016/2017 season in your peak condition. Each athlete will get the one-on-one attention they need because we do not have more than 7 athletes per group.

We know hockey and have the resume to prove it:

  • We are the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach of Grant MacEwan University Men’s Hockey Team
  • We have the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for Above the Crease Goaltending
  • We are the Head Off-Ice Instructors for Mount Carmel Hockey Academy

Hockey Conditioning- Summer 2016

4 workouts a week, for 13 weeks, 2001’s and older. May 24th- August 19th $1300+GST

3 workouts a week, for 11 weeks, 2002-2003, June 13th- August 26th


2 workouts a week, for 10 weeks, 2004-2005, June 20th- August 26th


To sign up or for more questions, please contact Brett Kirkland by filling out the form below: