How To Do: Hip Thruster (video)

A hip thruster is the pretty much the middle portion of a burpee. There is three main portions to the movement the down, the out, and the up. Here is the step by step of how to do it:

1)Start Standing, with your feet fairly close together

2)Squat down, and place your hands to the outside of your feet (or infront and to the outside)

3)Try to keep your heels down on the ground

4)Jump your feet back, and do not let your hips sag!

5)Be as straight as a board, engage your core

6)Jump your feet back up in between your hand (or infront and to the outside)

7)Make sure you put your heels back down on the ground

7)Stand back up



For a variation you can add in a push-up at the bottom of the move. Or to make it weighted holds weight to your side, place them by your feet, and well still holding onto the weight jump your feet back. This is a great exercise to do for time, or for a higher rep count (15+). Check out the video below to see what this exercise looks like in action.




And Remember HAVE FUN!

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