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For the people who attend HIIT classes on a regular basis may have noticed that there is a pattern when it comes to the classes. Monday is whole body, Tuesday is upper body, Wednesday is full body, Thursday is lower body, Friday is whole body, and finally Saturday is the wild card (which is a fancy way of saying it’s going to be tough). So why do we have it laid out in such a way? It helps give the body some rest.

For the people who are coming five days a week their muscles need rest between days. If you keep hammering the same body parts over, and over every day it is very hard for the body to repair the damaged muscles, since it keeps getting worked out. There may still be some overlapping of muscle use in the classes, but the idea is reduce that overlap as much as we can, and still bring the HIIT classes people expect.

Here is what to expect in the classes:

Monday- Full body- this will be lots of full body motions, squat press, snatches, and burpees just to name a few examples, there will also be some core work.

Tuesday- Upper body- expect to do your fair share of push-up this day, along with shoulder presses, and rows, a little bit of legs worked in with upper body motions, and upper body exercises that also work the core.

Wednesday- Full body- again full body motions, and some isolated muscles actions, but going over the whole body. As always some core, and some cardio as well.

Thursday- Lower body- lots of legs, I mean a lot of legs! Both weighted, and just body weight. This will be a day of jumping, lunging, squatting, and side shuffles. Don’t worry we know legs exercises that can also include working the core.

Friday- Full body- same as Monday, and Wednesday, but expect a little more work on the core.

Saturday- Wild Card- this a day were you should expect anything, usually full bodied, but with lots of time isolating muscles. Doing partner work, and fun* exercise games!

There you have it the HIIT schedule! Tuesdays and Thursday may switch form time to time, but the overall lay out is the same. Don’t let this scary you away just remember all HIIT classes are go at your own pace, and the trainers know how to modify the exercise to help you get through it.

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