Heather McIntyre’s Amazing Transformation!

BeforeAfter_HeatherMcIntyreSix months ago I would have laughed at the thought of being even remotely fit, let alone writing a blog about my journey of getting there. I was moderately active growing up and in college I rode a stationary bike often enough to balance out the beer I drank. It was the years following post-secondary when the wheels fell off.  I immersed myself in my career, as many do, and fell victim to the most overused excuse: I was “too busy” to exercise, too busy to cook, too busy to sleep. I fuelled myself with coffee in the morning, booze in the evening and generally one not-so-healthy meal in between. And while I could see and feel what I was doing to myself, I didn’t really care Fast forward to nearly a year ago: I started a new job, got rid of some of the unnecessary “busy” in my life and made a promise to focus on myself. Fitness was not an initial part of this mission and I’m not even entirely sure what brought it on. I had looked at the Blitz Conditioning website a few times throughout 2013 but never seriously (as I was “too busy”). To this day I don’t know what triggered me to do so, but I sent a general inquiry email to Blitz asking what one of their trainers could or would do to help someone who, simply, needed help. Within two days I was sitting on the couch at Blitz talking with Brett. I don’t remember what my answers were to a lot of his questions, but I do remember the overall theme of my response when he asked if I had any specific health or fitness goals: Change. And while I meant it, I honestly NEVER envisioned what has happened. My first workout with Brett was January 28. I couldn’t squat properly. Hell, I couldn’t jump with both feet in the air at the same time. Planking for 20 seconds felt like a slow death. And lifting weights? (Insert laughter) But I kept showing up. I worked out with Brett (and Brent when Brett went on holidays) twice a week for a month before signing up for my first 30-day challenge in March.  Six months after my first session, I still work out with Brett twice a week, sweat through HIIT classes anywhere from two to four times a week and run four to five times a week (because naturally I’m running a half marathon in August…). I can see and feel the results of weight lost and strength gained. And while the numbers aren’t as important as how I feel, in total I’ve lost 32 inches and nearly 45 pounds. I can wholeheartedly say my life has changed more in the past year than ever before. And one of the biggest contributing factors has been the journey I’ve had at Blitz. I am so grateful for Brett’s instruction, encouragement and friendship, and I owe him more thanks than he’ll ever accept from me. And I owe Chris, Amy, Brent and Steven just as much. The Blitz crew embodies inspiration and motivation, and they have created an incredible community I am happy and proud to be a part of. I know I’m the one that shows up. I’m the one that sweats. I’m the one that meal preps. I’m the one that now schedules the rest of my life around my workouts and my runs. But I needed guidance and help to get this journey started, and I couldn’t have picked a better path.

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I’m a scientist turned owner of Blitz Conditioning, a Fitness Columnist at CBC Radio on Thursdays at 8:20 am, and owner of Tse Social Strategy. Follow me on Twitter or Read my full bio.

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