“In truth, the only difference between those who have failed and those who have succeeded lies in the difference of their habits. Good habits are the key to all success. Bad habits are the unlocked door to failure.”

Og Mandino

Deanna Harder Blitz Conditioning Personal TrainerHabits. What we do daily. We either need to make new ones or break old ones that do not serve us any longer. I am Deanna. I have some amazing habits. I eat 5 protein filled meals a day. I lift heavy weights 4-6 days a week. I sprint. I walk. I sleep 8 hours a night. I run my own personal training business, and I am a Figure Competitor. Well, now. I must be the epitome of fitness huh?? WRONG. I am Deanna. I have an eating disorder. I struggle with my body image. I have anxiety if I miss a workout. I am ritualized to a fault. I am single and afraid that if I let myself fall in love, I will get hurt. I struggle daily.

So, you must know what one portrays on the outside is NEVER what it really is on the inside. You should know we all have struggles, even us fitness professionals. Without the struggles we wouldn’t appreciate the pleasures and rewards in life. I know my habits have given me the power to build a successful personal training business, compete in Figure competitions for a decade, build lasting friendships, and yes, have an amazing “lat spread” (for you non-bodybuilding geeks that means a wide back). However, they have also forced me to say no to multiple outings, chose training over dates, prevented me from traveling due to an upcoming “show”, and given me tremendous anxiety when my “abs” fade away in the improvement season.

Choose habits that will enrich your life, not make you a slave to them. Choose habits that encourage longevity, balance and health. Choose habits that will bring you closer to your best self, and allow others to see you shine. My name is Deanna and I am a work in progress. Just. Like. You.

Come and say hello to me any time and let’s chat. I am excited to be a part of the Blitz Nation and hope to contribute as much as possible from the female over 35 demographic! (peri-menopuase is lurking!!! ahhhhh)


  1. Thanks for the honest introduction Deanna. It takes guts to do that… You are awesome.

  2. I loved reading your input on Feminist Figure Girl’s blog – and happy to see you on the Blitz team! Just wish you were all in Calgary!

  3. Thanks FFG! You know me, I’m a NO filter kinda girl! Thanks for reading!

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