Group Classes

Experience new ways to get fit and have fun doing it! If your regular workout is feeling too routine and uninspiring, mix things up and try a group fitness class.

Each group fitness class is scaled to meet every fitness level, so anyone can take part. No membership fee is required and you can join in most classes at any time. We promise to do our best in giving you a fantastic but demanding workout!


More reasons to join a group fitness classes or bootcamps:

  • Social time – It’s a great place to meet new people and develop friendships. Plus it’s a lot easier to get motivated and keep fit when you’re around like-minded people.
  • Compete against yourself – Unlike typical team sports, there are no opponents to compete against. The only goal is to improve yourself and increase your overall fitness and health.
  • Gauge progress – We want you to succeed and experience results, so every few weeks your instructor will give you quantitative feedback to help you analyze your progress.
  • Periodized Program– Our program changes focus each week, with an overall focus for the month. This way you are regularly challenged and the program does not get stale. You will see results faster.

You can attend our group classes by purchasing our unlimited monthly pass for $99 (attend as many classes as you’d like!) or by paying a $20 drop-in fee.

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