H: High, I: Intensity, I: Interval, T: Training

HIIT is a combination of cardiovascular exercise and functional fitness done in both an outdoor and indoor settings. Research has found that training in a small group setting provides great motivation for the individual and the results are as effective in a small group setting in comparison to personal training for some people.

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Our policy for HIIT classes is that if there are more than 6 people interested in making or joining a HIIT session we will attempt to create a unique class for them at a specific time. We believe in community oriented fitness which is best suited for smaller groups and that groups of people that are already friends or co-workers will produce the best results for cross-accountability within the members.

You can attend our HIIT sessions by purchasing our unlimited monthly pass for $99 (attend as many classes as you’d like!) or by paying a $20 drop-in fee.