Good Intentions


How does that song go? I had good intentionnnnns..

Or something like that.

As I left on a plane for Las Vegas last week, I had full intentions to eat properly, limit my alcohol intake, and get proper rest. Well, anyone who has ever been to Las Vegas can predict how this story ends.

I actually didn’t eat terribly. Which, as most trainers would tell you means I definitely didn’t eat properly. Alright, I had chicken and waffles one day. The cheat is rarely worth it.

Except for this cheesecake. This was worth every bite. Although having Chris on Instagram makes you keenly aware that he’s going to make you pay for it. ๐Ÿ™‚

In my first blog I talked — or whined — about the things that I thought were standing in my way of progress. That whining probably carried through a bit to my HIIT classes… a few unintentional dirty looks to Brett when he made us do tuck-jumps. My bad.

The truth is… what’s standing in the way is myself. I think this is what they call an epiphany.

Alright, so one of the biggest challenges for me is nutrition, and meal planning. As Jen Ference did in her follow-up blog, I want to identify some concrete goals to help me along in this process — and hopefully help you in the meantime.

Goal 1 – To sit down with Meagan from Infuse Nutrition, and identify ways to plan healthy meals as a single person with two jobs. It can be done, and it will.

I hate chicken, so this will be interesting.

Goal 2 –ย  Complete my first 30 day challenge.

Already I am feeling stronger after just a few days of HIIT classes. I am eager to see what I will feel like after a month’s worth of bending, twisting, squatting and sweating.

Goal 3 – Accept and appreciate my body.

This is an interesting goal. Yes I want to better my body, I want to make it leaner and stronger. But I really also want to learn to appreciate it, and understand it. When I look around the room at Blitz, I see all kinds of body types and abilities. Not everyone is perfect, but everyone took time out of their morning / night to make fitness a priority. Body image is a tricky thing. I want to work on improving my own, which I think might prove to be one of the biggest hurdles in this journey.
I’m sure as this journey unfolds, more goals will reveal themselves. Can’t wait to see you all again! ๐Ÿ™‚ Please say hello!


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