Goals Change – Day 90 – Sarah’s 90 day challenge

week 13-2Over the years I’ve made lots of goals, some I powered through, some disappeared as fast as they came, I’ve come to realize I made some really naive goals. Now, being a little older… a little wiser and being an adult who’s evolved a bit in the last ten years and come to realize that part of the reason I hadn’t achieved certain things in my life wasn’t because I couldn’t do it or I wasn’t smart enough or whatever the excuse at the time may have been, but rather this: I set goals before I was ready to commit to them. PERIOD.

Saying I’m going to lose 20 pounds in 3 months is probably achievable for some people, you have to be more then just committed, you have to be aware of what changes you have to make to achieve those goals, for me this type of goal is unrealistic. The time has come to finish up this “90 day Challenge”, taking the time to step back and fully evaluate my experience has been pretty eye opening.

Over the past 90 days I’ve gone through some serious growth, some of which was physical but most mental. Physically, my body has changed; I’ve gotten stronger and stronger and stronger my pants began to loosen and then had to be tossed (woot! woot!), my before and after pictures have begun to tell a story of my journey, my waist is smaller and I think my smile is bigger. I’m getting stronger but my cardio is better and I’ve gone from a handful of modified pushups (“girl pushups” I hate that term) to being able to do 25 regular pushups in a min, these things I’m proud of.

week 13-1With this physical success I’ve also seen where my personal weaknesses are or perhaps a better way to put this “The areas I have to work HARDER at”

Taking the time to write about my journey and enjoying a moment for myself while reflecting on my week, life, health and fitness has been something I had never committed to doing on a regular basis, that has changed, taking this time to myself has given me as much or possible more then just hitting the gym. It has pushed me to not just think about my work critically, but every aspect of my life, it is that moment where just me and the paper have time to “talk it out” (if you don’t know me, this is how I figure things out) I like to be pushed to evolve, grow, meet new people, enjoy time with friends and loved ones, basically I like to be busy, this time to myself is an opportunity… a reminder perhaps to stop and breath, see the journey and enjoy it or change it. I think that learning to reflect has brought me a kind of peace that was missing that I desperately needed for me to be successful in the health side of my life and it has given me a newfound voice that is stronger and more confident then I was before.

Everyone has a different formula to how to get healthy and stay fit, everyone has challenges and no one is perfect. It is has taken almost four months to find my formula that balance between family, friends, work, wellness is an incredible juggling act and some days you drop the ball and others you are magically able to juggle more then you thought you could. That choice to figure out your formula is hard and a commitment that you will be so proud you too part in, and once you find what works for you the hard starts to fade away and the normal starts to take over.

My formula: Cause I like food and wine – I bring in only healthy food into my house, unless it is a special occasion (a grumpy Friday night used to be a “special” occasion but I’m trying to avoid those). I don’t eat gluten, I’m cutting down on I work till 6pm and sometime later, so for me, I HAVE to work out in the morning, at the end of the day (even if I haven’t gotten up at 5:45am for the gym) I’m exhausted and am more inclined to enjoy time out and about rather then working out. I need to zen out, cause my brain tends to run a mile a min, I need to go to yoga at least once a week. I also put alarms in my phone to remind me to eat, its not that I’m not hungry, its just that I didn’t make eating a priority till I was starving before. I like water; I drink a lot of it. This is my formula, yours might (likely will be) different.

week 13-3If you’ve perused the Blitz website or followed any of the Blitz team or members, the word community comes up over and over and over again. I believe that alone we walk, alone we breath but together we dance, together we grow, together we create change, together we are change. Blitz has given me the ability to be apart of others journeys and I would like to thank them for that.

My next 90 days are going to be filled with yoga (yoga retreat on Salt Spring Island), my first ever Triathlon (Coronation May 26th), building my coffee brand (The Coffee Can), running my first 5k (Colour me Rad), and getting my ass in gear on the whole dating thing. 90 days, and then another and then another all the way till I’m 90 years old, seeing the world in a new way.


  1. Thanks for sharing your journey Sarah! It has been amazing what a great community we belong to at Blitz – you are a very important part of that.

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