Goal Setting Workshop

I am great at saying I’m going to lose X amount of weight by this time, or I’m going to do _______ next week/month/year and not doing it, I am also great at setting some goals and achieving them. So why is it that some goals/dreams/ideas you achieve and some you don’t? Over the last year or so I have fallen in love with Blitz and the community that has been built. We regularly talk about goals and I’ve been asked what my goals are but each time this has happened it has been a huge kick in the ass. That question always comes from a supportive and loving place and I’ve always felt that “what can I do to help” vibe and just asking the question makes me think about where I’m at with my goals… or lack there of. So many people have goals they want to achieve but it actually attaining them seems difficult. We’ll read a books, followed some steps, but then we still feel lost as to how to implement or focus on the changes needed to support those goals.

So instead of just giving suggestions as to how to accomplish resolutions this year, Blitz decided as a community to hold a goal setting night on January 11 that will be led by Lululemon Kingsway’s amazing goal setting team.  Lululemon’s culture has always been focused on personal goal setting and have assisted helping many of their team’s achieve big dreams.  All of the Blitz’ team have actually gone through similar goal setting programs so they’re well versed at it.  It’s Blitz’ belief that, although numeric goals are important, what we really need to do is create an overall vision both short and long term to see success in our lives.  So we decided to create a special night filled with Yoga, refreshments, and goal setting to kick off 2014!

This event is open to everyone, you don’t have to be working out at Blitz to participate, and it’s complimentary too!  We are collecting donations for Earth Group that night as part of their charge to feed and educate 200,000 children this time of year so please bring something to give.  We are accepting a maximum of 60 people into the program and have already reserved 30 spots for our January 30 Day Challengers so the seats are limited!

** UPDATE: All Spots are filled for our Goal Setting Night **

Itinerary for the Goal Setting Night

January 11, 2014

At Blitz Conditioning Edmonton

6-7pm – Yoga class

7-7:30 – Refreshments (supplied)

7:30-8:15 – Lululemon Kingsway store manager Michelle will lead a group Vision session and goal coaching

8:15 – 9pm – Break out groups and individual coaching


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