An evening to remember.

goal night 2 The Blitz Conditioning space was transformed on Saturday night as 60+ people came down to attend our first ever evening of goal setting in support of Earth Group. With all of the gym equipment out of sight, and yoga mats laid down side by side we kicked off the evening with inspiring words and an inspiring yoga practice courtesy of Joe Lomnicki. He pushed participants to open their hearts, minds and bodies to possibility.

After getting their sweat on, participants were treated to some amazing refreshments courtesy of Glow Juicery, Cafe Leva and water courtesy of Earth Water.

All fuelled up participants were lead back on to their mats to begin thinking about where they want to be in 10 years- why 10 years, because it is so far in to the future you have the freedom to allow yourself to see whatever you want, constraints that you feel now have no effect on the you in 10 years, so you are able to place yourself in a time when anything really could be possible. This is a great place to be. Michelle Calnan Store Manager of lululemon Kingsway coached participants on how to start thinking about what they really want and don’t want in their lives. Participants began envisioning an ideal life that was full of all of the things they want, free from constraints. After writing down and meditating on what this looked like, participants were split up into break out groups lead by lululemon volunteers they were coached on ‘trickling-back’ from this vision to create 10-5 and 1 year goals to help them achieve this ideal life. What came out of all of this was nothing short of inspiring as participants listened and learned about each others goals, with random bursts of cheers ringing out as everyone worked together to encourage each other to go for what they wanted in life!goal night 3

Before leaving everyone was asked to post one of their goals on our ‘Goal-Wall’ at Blitz Conditioning, and encouraged to not let the evening end there, to continue pushing their selves daily to set goals and re-assess them every day on their journey towards their ideal life. We are grateful for everyone from the community that came together for this evening, and are looking forward to hearing this conversation about goals become a part of every day chat at Blitz Conditioning. Its by putting ourselves and our true desires out there that we will get back what we want and what we deserve. All the best to everyone in 2014!

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