Goal Reached!


When the clients of Blitz Conditioning come in and tell us about their latest accomplishments, I can’t help but smile. Watching our clients reach their goals towards a healthy, active lifestyle makes me feel good about what I do every day to help them; I’m so inspired by their success and I love to share their stories!


Cory is one of our dedicated and long time Blitz clients. He’s been coming to Blitz Conditioning since we opened the doors, and I really enjoy training him.

Every Friday, Cory and his buddy come into Blitz to switch up their weekly workouts. I watch them sweat through my creatively designed exercises, like one-legged squat jumps into tuck jumps, but we all have a great time. It is always fun training clients that you are able to laugh with through the pain.

About two months ago, Cory surprised me with a special request to do more leg workouts. Leg workouts are usually pretty hard and the worst to recover from, but Cory had a good reason for wanting to incorporate them into our weekly routine: he had plans to carry a 50 pound backpack while venturing along the West Coast Trail – a 6 day, 76 km hike in BC. Cory was already in great shape, but in the four weeks leading up to the hike, we practiced some workouts to strengthen his core and legs for this tough hike.

All of Cory’s hard work allowed him to make it through the hike with minimal pain and suffering. Cory told me that he didn’t face any hardship from the West Coast Trail, except for some war wounds in the form of massive blisters and bruise as big as a 14 oz steak. Even though he had some difficulty walking for awhile after the hike, I know Cory would do it all over again. I’m proud of him.


I feel so privileged to be a part of Cory’s adventure. Watching my clients pursue and conquer huge challenges like the West Coast Trail inspires me to continue doing what I do everyday – helping every single person who walks through Blitz move forward to living a healthier, happier, and active lifestyle


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