Global TV: Activity Levels in Albertans Have Dropped!

We were on Global TV Sunday with Jenna Bridges discussing a study that shows activity levels in Albertans, aged 18 to 25, have dropped. So what can we do to change this?

People are busier than ever and that is generally the main excuse as to why they aren’t active. That’s a poor excuse, the reason why they are not being active is because it is not on their priority list! People spend more time in front of screens or seated while hanging out with friends in their free time than they do enjoying the outdoors or doing something healthy. It’s time to shift our focus on what is considered fun! Make activity fun and social instead of looking at it like a chore.

Once someone has made the decision to become active you will find the time because they will than realize how important it is. My three tips to really ensure that you keep exercise as a priority in your daily life are to:

1) Schedule in your workout as if it were a priority meeting.

2) Find a workout partner that will keep you accountable.

3) Have a ton of fun while exercising!

At Blitz we talk about lifestyle a lot, I mean a lot! We also talk about lifestyle changes and this is what we try to induce into many of our clients every day. We want fitness to be something that is enjoyable for our clients and not a chore. Try different activities and find something that you love this way it won’t be looked at as exercise. Doing something in a group setting is often better for many people so join a group fitness class like HIIT. Now you aren’t just trying hold yourself accountable you have other members in the class who are going to as well.

Many people just don’t know what to do in a gym! They don’t even know where to start. Most training studios and gyms should offer a personal training session for free, we do at Blitz. So take advantage of that, get a trainer to walk you through some basic exercises so you are confident when starting at the gym!

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