My gift on my 33rd Birthday.

For the last month my wife has been asking me what I want for my 33rd birthday and I honestly didn’t have a straight answer for her.
As I was working out with Leigh, my trainer, on Thursday evening and I kept on reminding myself:

Push pass the pain, push pass your own limits, break down the ‘I can’t do this’ wall!  Engrain these movements  in to your mind, your soul, and your body so they they are muscle memory.  Make them mechanical.

In the midst of doing step ups, sit ups, and finally a good roll on my new best friend, the PVC pipe to stretch out my back and legs, I was trying to figure out what I want for my 33rd birthday…
A new watch? A video game? New shoes? I was only sure it wasn’t any of those options. Then, on Friday, it dawned on me. What I wanted on my 33rd birthday is health, strength, and fitness. I was already giving myself the best gift I could have asked for: the step towards a healthier lifestyle.  That step is a guarantee that I would be able to be around for a bit longer. That, once we have kids, I’ll be able to play around with them. A guarantee that I was going to be able to run the Calgary marathon on June 1st and tick off one of the items on my bucket list. A guarantee that I was going to be able to wear that one dress shirt that I really like. A guarantee that I was going to be able alive with my wife for a little longer than my unhealthy journey would have foretold.
I have to thank Amy and Leigh from Blitz Conditioning for the life long gift that they are giving me on my 33rd birthday… Thanks for the gift of Blitz.

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