Getting Back on Track

Life can sometimes be frustrating and provide road blocks that prevent you from perfectly achieving fitness success. I’m a perfectionist and I find that if I can’t be perfect I will cease moving forward or pursuing some of my goals – this is not just a reflection on fitness but other areas of life too.

In the wake of the Coronation Triathlon, a race that I wanted to compete in, I felt a bit of shame and let down that my dedication to training failed to meet my desire to compete and my commitment made through an older blog post. I was so proud of my friends who completed the race and felt a bit of shame for not being present. In light of that shame I decided to go for a back-to-back cycle (40 kilometers) and a run (10 kilometers). This helped me realize I can still make my original goal race in Kelowna on August 18th 2013. As I think about this race, the swim is still the most daunting discipline.

So what happened? Life changed! In the first week of April I was in San Diego for an International Fundraising Conference and met up with a prospective future employer out of Calgary. I got back to the office, received an offer and accepted the job – which obviously required a move. Feeling a sense of moral obligation to finish up my current role at the time I stayed on to finishing planning a major fundraising event (thank you to Blitz Conditioning for supporting the event through an auction item and attending, you guys rock!). Amidst myriad of things to coordinate between exiting a role, finishing well, finding a new home and preparing for a new city/job/life I dropped my dedication to training.

Although still interested my resolve to train was diminished by the magnitude of life shift! Where does that leave me now that I’m here in Calgary? Well the Apple Triathlon in Kelowna is paid for so I have to compete and plan to do so. The warm up race schedule is still undecided but I know I can do the cycle and run portion and need to focus on getting this swim conquered. I have connected with Leigh in Blitz Calgary and will train with her twice per week, help build a Calgary community like the one I’d come to love so much (and miss) in Edmonton, and achieve my triathlon goals (although altered from the original plan)!

Sometimes your fitness goals get derailed, life happens, but it’s what you do to get back on track that makes you #BlitzFit!
Sweat Fest at Blitz Calgary

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