Get ready the next Blitzfit Challenge starts in April!

Blitz HIIT Class
It’s happening again! The BLITZFIT 30 Day Challenge, coming to Blitz Conditioning Edmonton in April!!

Our March 30 day challenge is well underway and so far everyone is CRUSHING it! We are ramping up spring the only way we know how! By getting seriously sweaty!

With March filling up in 24 hours we know a lot of people missed the opportunity to sign up and jump-start their fitness as well! So we have decided that we will be launching another 30 day challenge in April!! That’s right back-to-back challenges!

The atmosphere right now is amazing with everyone crushing their goals, dropping inches and most importantly starting up a solid routine for keeping fit and healthy! We can’t wait to keep it going!
What are you waiting for? Lets do this!

– You must sweat at Blitz Edmonton at least 4 times a week! Those sweat sessions must be an hour long and Personal Training sessions and Karma classes count.
– Yoga counts as 1 session
– Once you have completed your sweat session you will mark it off on our participant board that will be located at the studio.
– You can not transfer your classes between weeks.
– You can not enter into challenges in back to back months.
– Complete 4 sessions/week over the month of April and we will award you 1 month free HIIT classes the next month as well as a sweet A$$ ‘Finisher’ T-shirt.
– We will take your measurements at the beginning and end of the month and within the first week we will have a team goal setting evening for all involved in the challenge.
– The challenge is capped at 35 participants and the registration is on a first come first-serve basis.
– The challenge starts on Monday March 31st and goes until Monday April 28th. Each new week starts on a Monday.
– The cost of the challenge is $190.00+gst and includes unlimited access to all of the classes Blitz offers, your measurements and goal setting session as well as your ‘Finisher’ T-Shirt.

1) Fill out the form below
2) You will receive an email telling you whether or not you have reserved a spot.
3) You will have a week from the day you email to come in and pay for your spot if not your spot will be made available once again and you will have to re-register.


– Any of our HIIT classes of course! Yoga counts as well! We offer them 6 days a week so there is no excuses here team! If you are doing personal training already then you can count those sessions and participate in a couple extra HIIT classes as well.

Monday: 6am, 6pm and 7pm
Tuesday: 6am and 7pm
Wednesday: Yoga at 5:30-7:00pm HIIT at 6am and 7pm
Thursday: 6am, 12pm and 7pm
Friday: 6am And Karma HIIT at 6pm (by min. $5.00 donation)
Saturday: 11am
** Stay tuned for more class times to be released for April:

When can you sign up? NOW! We will be taking sign ups until March 28th or when the Challenge is full, whichever comes first.

This challenge is all about you! Get out there and sweat as often as you can, winter feels like its never going to end and we are going to heat it up and stay fit and healthy while doing it. What are you waiting for? Let’s take April by storm!!

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I’m passionate about fitness, health and helping others achieve their goals and as a result their best life.

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