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Functional exercise for hockey specific trainingWhen you walk into Blitz Conditioning for the first time you can bet that within the first 10 minutes would will be informed that we are a functional training studio. The term functional training is being thrown around a lot in the fitness industry and has many different definitions. However the basic definition is: a classification of exercise which involves training the body for activities in daily life.

You might be thinking this seems kind of ridiculous; I am going to go to work all day then come to the gym and mimic the same movements I did during the day?  Well yes and no.

Yes, we are going to do similar movements that you would do each day but we are going to modify and critique them so that it takes less effort to perform the movements which will make your life easier.

No, we are going to do other exercises to strengthen the muscles that don’t get used as often in your day. I am sure lots of you reading this right now are sitting at your desk so I want you to notice how you are sitting right now. Most are probably slightly slouched over with your shoulders rounded in towards your chest.  You might experience lower back pain and on occasion a stiff neck. Functional training works to strengthen your core helping you sit up straighter taking away the lower back pain. For that stiff neck and rounded shoulders we would do quite a bit of back work strengthening and tightening your back which will pull your shoulders down and back. Life is a lot easier to lead when you are not in pain.

A huge part of functional training is injury prevention. Let me give a prime example. My Mom was in a car accident years ago and has had back issues ever since. Usually 3-4 times a year she throws her back out and is literally on the ground for a few days.  After some pleading with her, Mom and I started doing more functional training.  We began to make sure that her core was always engaged whether she was picking up 20lbs or just sitting down into a chair. We did it so many times that her core began to fire naturally. Her back issues are slowly starting to diminish and her core is so much stronger.

Functional training should be applied in everyone’s fitness regime whether you are mimicking movements from your job or a sport you play. It is a great way to become faster, stronger and prevent injuries in your day to day life.

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