Full House Lottery: Check it out this weekend!

‘If you haven’t checked out the Full House Lottery grand prize houses in Edmonton you definitely should this weekend! I was there hanging out with the Winners of The Bear’s Boy’s Night (we’ll call it couples night instead) at the House where we watched the Oilers game, explored the house, and had some fun in the gym. The house is incredible with high vaulting ceilings and well… just take a look at this:

Full House Lottery Boys Night Brief Tour

And of course we managed to break in the basketball/volleyball court with a few rounds of – we’ll call it – “No Rules Volleyball”.

The proceeds from the lottery go to raising funds for the PET CT Scanner at the Royal Alex, which can assist in detecting diseases like cancer and heart disease at an early stage, and keeping the Stroke Ambulance on the road from the University Hospital Foundation. 

So spend some time this weekend and check out your potential prize house, and you can also buy the tickets here: https://www.fullhouse.ca/checkout/tickets/

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