Food is fashion. You wear your diet like you wear your clothes.

If you feel like everyone is talking about food these days, you might be right.

The title of this post is a quote from Harry Balzer (a food guru and researcher with NPD Group) that was in an article by Bruce Horovitz of USA Today. It expresses some of our thoughts and concerns so articulately that we thought we’d share the link:

Horovitz writes

“…What Americans eat and drink has become such an emotional roller coaster for so many of us that it’s utterly changing the way the nation’s biggest restaurant chains, food-makers and grocery chains do business. Food used to feed our bodies. Now it also needs to feed our brains. Our egos. Our nostalgic memories. And maybe even our social-media appetites.”

He goes on to share amazing stats on the popularity of the Food Network and social media food chatter.


I (Robin) wonder what my grandmother would say about this new trend?  I acquired my love of food and nutrition from her.  She was committed to preparing simple, good tasting food to fuel the body and soul.  When I reflect on what she taught me it is much of what I teach my clients:

  • eat food that fuels your body (ie.nutritious)
  • listen to your body to know when your are satisfied
  • keep it simple
  • eat local if you can

Yes, there’s more to it than that (especially if you have food allergies or certain diseases) but my point is that thinking and talking about food 24/7 is not in our best interest. We see more and more individuals at Revive Wellness who are overwhelmed with all the information out there and all the decisions around food.

What do you think of this trend? Did you enjoy the article?

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