Fitness in Morocco: How to exercise while on vacation

I’m lucky enough to be able to take time off and travel; partly due to an amazing and supportive clientele and team at Blitz Conditioning.
My wife and I recently spent 3 nights in Paris, before venturing to Morocco. Amal (my wife) was born in Morocco and her father still lives there; it has been an incredible experience to soak up new culture and meet her family. 

In January, Amal and I got married in Mexico, and I wrote a blog about how tough it was trying to maintain a training routine while on vacation. Keeping up with training during this trip was tough too. I was fortunate to have access to a gym and since most Moroccan roofs are flat, (often used to for hang-drying clothes & kid’s play) I’ve been doing my workouts in the sunshine. 

When you’re on vacation, here are some tips on staying fit:
In Paris, Amal and I did lots of tourist activities, but tried to avoid the Metro as much as possible. We walked wherever we could – which also allowed us to see sights that many other tourists might miss. By walking up the Eiffel Tower, we saved money and avoided a huge elevator line. 

Plan Ahead:
My fellow trainer, Paul O’Brien, has written 5 blogs with 25 exercises you can do anywhere! Print them off before your vacation, and pack them in your suitcase. This way, you’ll have workouts ready to go, wherever you go!

Get It Done:
Workouts leave you feeling good. Personally, it makes my day more enjoyable – food tastes better, company is more enjoyable, and I have more energy for the day. Getting your workout done early will also boost your metabolism, helping to burn those extra calories consumed on your vacation. 
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