Have Your Fitness Goal’s Plateaued?

Are you staying physically fit but not seeing a change in your body? If so you are probably experiencing a plateau in your fitness. When first starting a healthier lifestyle it is amazing how your body reacts and the results you see. If you want to see a more positive transformation in your body here are some tips that might help you with that!


Take a good look at your diet and the calories you are consuming. You might even be eating the right amount of calories but just the wrong ones. You might want to try switching from processed and high carbohydrate foods and move into more high protein and fresh foods. Make sure to consume the calories that are most beneficial for you.

Increase workout frequency-

If you are working out 3 days a week step it up to 4.  Increasing how frequently you work out will burn more calories and also regenerate your muscles more frequently.

Increase your intensity-

Step it up at the gym. Just going to the gym is not enough. Use your time wisely and efficiently. It is not the amount of time you spend at the gym but how you spend it! If you are doing a cardio workout try stepping it up with some interval training. For strength, shorten your rest periods and increase your resistance. Basically kick it into high gear.

Try new exercises-

Your body quickly becomes adapted to the same old workout (generally around 8 weeks). Plenty of the times introducing new exercises into your routine can help move your body forward.  There are lots of ways to learn new moves! The internet is amazing for different workout plans. You could join a group class or hire a personal trainer.

I really hope these tips help take your workouts to next level and achieve your fitness goals!

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