Fitness Challenges

Lunge Rob Bekius

At 47 and fast approaching a mid-life crisis (BIG 50) my fitness journey has not always been an easy one. All of this happened to me after hitting 40:

  • Tendinitis – running, hockey
  • Torn ACL – hockey
  • Separated shoulder – compliments of Tough Mudder
  • Bulged disk in my lower back – shovelling snow because my lazy kid didn’t
  • Double hernia surgery last summer – just after I got married … coincidence??
  • Arthritis in both shoulders – bad genes donated from my parents
  • Deep desire to sleep in – born with this affliction
  • Deep Love for Beer & Burgers– no excuse

I have quit working out more times than I care to remember. Sometimes for a few months and other times longer. It’s hard enough as it is to get up at 5am let alone do it with an injury (or a hangover!).
Fitness has become more important to me now than it ever was. In my twenties I could pretty much do whatever I wanted with little or no consequence to my body. McDonalds, beer, lifting weights that were way too heavy … recovery was always quick. At 47, I have learned that I must train and eat smart if my plan is to continue on with a healthy, and injury free fitness lifestyle.

I’ve always been fairly active whether it be sports or just hitting the gym a few times a week. Setting fitness goals didn’t really ever enter the picture for me. But that is also why I experienced so many peaks and valleys in my fitness. Going through old photo albums is always fun as I can tell exactly where my fitness was by how big or lean I was. I have a jean rack in my closet with no less than 30 pairs of jeans. They are hung in order of waist size, 31” all the way up to 36”. Happily sitting now in the 33” range … I am shooting to hit the 32”’s by summertime; God and Chris willing.

I got back into personal training with Chris after a long break due to my double hernia surgery back in August of last year. A slow process but am now back in the swing of things. Mixed with some intense HIIT classes, some running, and my weekly hockey games I am back on track.

Jen and I also plan our meals for the week every Sunday night. Okay, Jen plans the meals and I eat them. I find this helps me stay out of the drive thru’s that are a daily temptation. We all know diet is as important as working out but seems harder to manage, for me it is anyways.

The struggle is real Rob Bekius

I think the big difference for me now is that all this has become part of my lifestyle rather than a period of time allowed to achieve a goal. I am a part of a fitness community where it has become easy to make smart choices and where I am constantly challenging myself.

I have been Blitz-a-fied.

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