Fitness challenges are bullshit, so I’m going to do one!

A bit about me, I’m Sarah, I’m a coffee junkie (my world literally is all about coffee), I am a social butterfly, I’m an active member of my community and while I write this I’m exhausted from an early morning workout. In August when realizing that my 29th birthday was fast approaching I started to seriously think about how people become when they turn 30, I’m not stressed about the idea although I was concerned that the reason why people are stressed about “milestone” birthdays is because they aren’t where they want to be or that they aren’t prepared for the challenges that life has put in front of them and will continue to present themselves. I decided that I was going to be proud of turning 30, because I will be prepared, my health will be a priority, nurturing and growing healthy long lasting relationships will be a priority, and continuing to learn and grow will be a priority.

From a young age I have always been involved in something… or everything, but as an adult finding the balance between being social and healthy can be hard, especially when you feel like you are trying to catch up. Being so many steps behind where you want to be or where you feel you should be (its what we do, we compare ourselves) I won’t try and pretend that I’m starting this fitness/health journey from scratch, in the summer I cycle daily, I have been doing the Blitz Booty Bootcamp since the beginning of November and I’m a bit addicted to hot yoga (try to go 1-3x per week). That being said, I love food, I love wine and I love socializing, these loves tend to bring on love handles.

Over the last few months realizing that Chris and I live blocks apart, we have started enjoying some wonderful conversations over walks with Ky. In these conversations we both speak about community and relationships (both we are very passionate about) and how those things relate to the success and growth or things “we” want to achieve. We also often speak about the commitment to a healthy lifestyle and a couple of weeks ago when Chris asked me if I would like to do the 90 Day Challenge I said yes immediately, he asked me because I am committed to a healthy lifestyle, not a number on a scale or a size of jeans.

But fitness challenges are bullshit, people start, they do their 30/60/90 day challenge and they a few months later start to slowly fall away from the success they had been achieving. Why? Why do we do this, up and down, start and stop, gain and lose battle? And the conclusion I’ve come up with is that, we weren’t ready, we jump in to these “challenges” with the idea of losing weight or fitting into the hot dress or getting that six pack without addressing, why we got there, why we have failed in the past and what our limitations are. So yes, I believe fitness challenges are bullshit, but lifestyle changes aren’t! I am turning 30 in eight months, I am not making a new years resolution or a 90 day commitment to the success of these changes, I am making a life time commitment. In 90 days I will be smaller, I will be healthier, I will be smarter and I will be stronger, in eight months those successes will be great and when I’m a ninety I will be alive and kicking still filled with piss and vinegar and still chatty and motivated, today is just the day that I commit to that.

I will tell you today, I’m 211lbs, I won’t be talking about this again till the end, I’m not concerned about the number (this will be a topic I will talk about, that scale can be a darkness in the light) I am concerned about looking great in my clothes, feeling sexy when in a relationship and feeling strong enough to take on the day, the bike, the good and the bad. This “challenge” isn’t about a number I want to be, even though I do have one… we all do, this “challenge” is about creating life long habits and rituals and routines that will lead to success past 90 days and those habits will lead to a number that is small then the one i posted today.

Over the next 90 days, I will push myself, I will make commitments to myself, and I will learn and grow. I look forward to addressing so many topics with this audience some will be myths, focus on weight, energy levels, fears, food… lots and lots about food and its challenges, and the relationship between community and success. I will be tweeting (@Luzzara #29toLife) and blogging (on my own blog as well as this one) and I want to create conversations about the struggles of maintaining a healthy lifestyle while life throws us curve balls. I have challenges others don’t and others have challenges I don’t… let’s figure this out together.


Sarah Before Photo Dec 18, 2012

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