Fitness and Perserverance

I just ran across this story about Alison McWeeny and I thought I’d share it.  Alison was a track athlete and an avid power-lifter; she had an unfortunate boating accident in 2009 that led to the amputation of her left leg.  Instead of giving up, Alison decided to still pursue her passion and continue power-lifting, competing and also to finish her degree in Physical Education.  Her perseverance and willpower led to her being able to compete again and perform a one legged deadlift with 171lbs!

Alison said the following about her life and her career:

“By just this event you may be able to see my personal drive, passion, and motivation to never give up.  My goal is not only to help and teach as many students as I can, but most importantly light a fire inside of them to never give up and strive over any challenge that may come to them.”

We all have setbacks and obstacles in our lives.  People like Alison and others around you serve as inspirations to us about how to move past these obstacles to reach our idea of fulfilment in life.  I’ve experienced so many highs and lows in the past year but I can truly say that perseverance has played a key role in accomplishing my goals and I hope to keep the momentum going in the new year!

Momentum is what carries us forward day by day and over those humps;  problems may slow the us down but the forward movement keeps us moving towards the goal.

How does perseverance play a role in your goals? Post them below!

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  1. Awesome post! I wish I would have read this before my workout this morning. I would have pushed so much harder!

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