Fitness: A Family Affair

I have my NP-family, my Blitz-family, my running crew; so many great communities that I get to sweat with, and who challenge me on a daily basis but…

…my “family” family is truly at the centre of everything that I do. With them I have shared some of my greatest moments, including my most memorable fitness “feats”.

This photo album of sorts captures some of those favorite moments. With each other’s encouragement we stay active, we hold one another accountable, and we have a lot of fun in the process.

I have completed half marathons with my sister-in-law, dad, and my mom (who only started running 6 months before her half).

Jen and SisterJen New YorkJen and DadJen and Mom 2

I did my first triathlon (an olympic distance) with my sister-in-law neither of us having tackled this sport before. We convinced my brother to join us for a sprint tri the following year. Soon my parents and extended family joined the triathlon band wagon completing a try-a-tri.

Triathlon JenTriathlon Jen and AndrewFamily Run

I love getting on my bike. My dad and I shared an epic cycle traveling from Jasper-Lake Louise in one day. Cycling is also important to Rob and I as we ride in the MS bike ride raising money for the MS Society (Rob’s mom has MS).

Jen and Dad BikeJen and Rob Bike

I like to pick runs that the whole family can participate in. We like doing the Grizzly Ultra Relay because there are various legs to meet our different running desires. My cousins and I have run it as a team and I even convinced Robby & Rob to race with me as well. I also love races like the MEC series because there are different distance options. We can go as a family and support one another as we compete in the distances we choose.

Family GrizzlyJen Rob and RobbieJen and RobbieJen Rob and Robbie 2

I also like it when we can all just get outside together without needing to register for anything. So many adventures and great memories made!

Ference BikingJen and Rob bikingFerences Biking 2Jen and Rob HikingJen and Robbie HikingJen Rob and MomCanoeing

To those who say…“yeah, but your family is so athletic” I would say “yeah, well yours can be too”. You just need to find the things that you can share and even when they resist you need to keep asking, finding the easy way in, the fun events that they won’t want to pass up. I don’t know if all of my family members would define themselves as athletes but it is my goal to help them change that perception.

Hmmm…possible idea for my next blog post…what’s the definition of an athlete?

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