Fat vs Muscle – Week 9 – 90 Day Challenge

This time last year, I cared way more about a number on a scale then I do today. Over the last week I’ve had a few people comment that I’d lost a lot of weight, “have you lost 15lbs in the last month?” and the answer is NO, But I’ve gone down a dress size, I can run further, I have more energy.

I’ve heard the saying a pound of fat weighs the say as a pound of muscle, well DUH, a pound is a pound, be it feather or water. Fat takes up more space; the volume of fat to equal a pound is larger then that of lean muscle, so the saying is stupid, but true. I told one of my close girl friends that I hadn’t lost a pound; I pulled out my phone and showed her, my before and after photo. This idea of a number being the salvation, “Once I’m 20lbs lighter, I’ll do that.” “I’ll find a new job once I weigh less” “I’ll date more once I get to my goal weight” I feel sexy, I feel motivated, I feel like I can do “that”, and I’m not at the number or actually anywhere close to what I dreamt of a year ago, maybe on this journey I’ll get there and maybe I’ll be STRONG and 10lbs higher then I wanted to be.

As hard and as annoying as it is to write down your food all the time, it really is an important step, realizing how much food 400 cal can be or how little is pretty impressive. Knowing before you go out what kind of choices you need to make to ensure your day stays in balance and you don’t accidentally go over board, when you sit back and realize that you just had 3 ciders (600 cal), a burger (400 cal) and fries (225) which is only one meal and you ate half a days worth of calories. Not to say nights like this can’t happen, I like to have a night out and indulge, but when you write it down you are checking in with yourself.

I’m including a video and a few pictures on how looks can be deceiving.

Fact all these women weigh 154lbs – but it shows up differently based on shapes & heights. (I found this photo on facebook)

Not my photos – thank you if its yours.

Fat vs Muscle

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