Exercises you can do with an Elastic Band: Global TV Segment February 3, 2016

Elastic bands or surgical tubing are one of the most versatile and cost effective pieces of equipment that you can purchase. I would recommend buying a package with a variety of resistance levels. For most of the exercises mentionned below you should be able to perform between 12 to 15 repetitions with the band, if it’s too light then use a band with more resistance. Here are some strengthening exercises that you can do:

Half Squat to Leg Abduction:

Tie a knot so that the straight elastic becomes a loop.

Knot Elastic Band

Place the loop just above your knees and squat in between a quarter squat to a seated position.

Half Squat to Leg abduction 1 Blitz Conditioning

Slip one of your legs out, away from your midline while staying in the squat position. You should feel this in your glute and hamstring in the leg that you are moving. Shuffle the opposite leg to follow the leading leg. Keep shuffling in one direction for 12 to 15 repetitions, then go in the opposite direction.

Half Squat to Leg Abduction 2 Blitz Conditioning


Bent Over Rows:

Step onto the middle of the band and hold the ends with both hands about shoulder width apart. Be certain to keep your core engaged and your back flat.Elastic Band Rows 1 Blitz Conditioning

Pull the band, first by bringing your shoulder blades together, then pull and try and create quarter circles with your elbows. You should try and activate the outer part of the middle of your back. Hold this for a minimum of two seconds and then slowly lower the band to the original position.

Elastic Band Rows 2 Blitz Conditioning

Reverse Fly in a Lunge Position:

In a lunge position, place the band in the middle of your leading foot. Grip the ends of the band while keeping your back straight and your core engaged.

Elastic Band Reverse Fly in Lunge 1 Blitz Conditioning

Swing your arms outwards trying to form an arc: pull your shoulder blades together first and then bring your arms out. You should feel this in the back of your arms and your shoulder blades. Hold for two seconds and slowly lower your arms back to the original position.

Elastic Band Reverse Fly in Lunge 2 Blitz Conditioning

Prone Lat Pulldown:

While lying on the ground: keep your back flexed, and try to keep your sternum and legs off the ground. Hold the band taught above your head.

Prone Elastic Band Lat Pulldown 1 Blitz Conditioning

Rotate your shoulder blades down and bring the band below the back of your head by forming an arc with your elbows. Hold this for a minimum of two seconds and slowly bring the band to back to the original position. This exercise focuses on your lats (the side of your back), shoulder blades, and your low back.

Prone Elastic Band Lat Pulldown 2 Blitz Conditioning


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