Exercises you can do on a BOSU – Global TV Segment May 4, 2016

Unstable surface training (UST) has been all the rage in the fitness industry. Semi-inflated discs, pillows, discs and gliders, swiss balls, and BOSU balls are some of the many pieces of equipment developed with the intent to create surfaces that your body needs to react against. UST was first developed in the rehabilitation world for the purpose of strengthening ankles but is now used to in many instances. There are both advantages and disadvantages in using these pieces of equipment:

Advantages: adding it into a workout on occasion forces the body to react and adapt, it can be used for upper and lower body rehabilitation for joints.

Disadvantages: it has been shown that UST can negatively affect power and strength. Too much training on these surfaces can cause a delay in muscle activation on harder surfaces.

Exercises with these pieces of equipment are great compliments but should not be used for all workouts.  If you’re looking at adding some full body and heart pumping workouts try these out:

1) Alternating Lateral Jump on BOSU:

Global TV Lateral Jumnp on BOSU 01

  1. Place body weight on the foot that is on the BOSU ball
  2. Jump with the foot on the BOSU ball
  3. Switch feet in mid air
  4. Land on the opposite foot
  5. Repeat

Global TV Lateral Jumnp on BOSU 02


2) Spiderman Push-Ups on BOSU:

Global TV Spiderman Push Up on BOSU 01

  1. In a push up position (on your knees or toes), keep your hands in line with the centre of the ball
  2. Go down into a push up
  3. Bring one leg beside your elbow
  4. Go back up into a push up
  5. Switch sides

Global TV Spiderman Push Up on BOSU 02

3) Burpee on a BOSU ball:

Global TV Burpee on BOSU 01

  1. Start in a push up position
  2. When coming out of a push up, hop your legs so your knees go towards the chest
  3. Keep your core tight as you bring the BOSU towards your chest
  4. Hop up again and bring the BOSU above your head
  5. Bring the BOSU back down to the ground in a controlled manner
  6. At the same time, go back into the push up position

Global TV Burpee on BOSU 02

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